Female DJ Goes Viral Following Live Set Surprise


This is Mari Ferrari. A Portugese DJ who’s recent video has made her famous after getting over a million views and thousands of shares. Why? Sexism, apparently.

For an hour and 16 minutes on Sunday, Mari live streamed herself DJ-ing and dancing the night away with a fitting and strategically placed poster behind: ‘I will be famous because of sexism’.

Unless you’re blind or just incredibly into the music, at some point during the 86 minute performance you probably noticed the gigantic assets Mari was sporting. Spoiler, they were part of the act, reports the Mirror.

I WILL BE FAMOUS BECAUSE OF SEXISM.. <3 , Instagram:djmariferrari

I WILL BE FAMOUS BECAUSE OF SEXISM.. <3 , Instagram:djmariferrari

Mari Ferrari 发布于 2017年2月5日

With just 60 seconds remaining in her set, Mari pulled out two perky balloons from her shirt and a shedload of padding from her grey joggers before the video comes to a close.

Now remember the poster? ‘I will be famous because of sexism’. And just like that it all makes sense.

I Will be famous because of SEXISM ❤💋 #mariferrari #djmariferrari #belairerose @officialbelaire @richforever

A video posted by Mari Ferrari (@djmariferrari) on

Throughout the performance many of the comments made reference to Mari’s physical (sort of) appearance.

One comment read:

So what precisely is she doing other than being made of 90% plasic (silicone) turning some nobs(that don’t seem to be changing anything) and “dancing” horribly?

Another said:

Omg tha body look so gross and fake.

55854UNILAD imageoptim 16427617 1473424999335694 7576282477123207176 n Female DJ Goes Viral Following Live Set Surprise

Mari literally made it because of sexism – but then again, she did so at her own will and is currently making headlines across the world for merely doing so.

Mari followed the set with a series of slightly baffling follow up videos – in one of which she calls for Donald Trump to follow her page and in another she cries, with makeup smeared all over her face, wishing she was no longer famous.

Donald Me Down 🎶 #iwillbefamous #becausesexism important message to all my fans 💔‼️

A video posted by Mari Ferrari (@djmariferrari) on

Please!!! Unlike my Page !!…. 🎶Donald Me Donald Me Donald Me Down💔 ….

A video posted by Mari Ferrari (@djmariferrari) on

It certainly poses a difficult question about the nature of celebrity and what it is to achieve fame.

I’m sure this won’t be the last we hear from Mari, however.

Youngest British Winner ‘Suing Lottery For Ruining Her Life’


The youngest British lottery winner in history is claiming the EuroMillions has ruined her life.

Jane Park, 21, from Edinburgh, was just 17-years-old when she won £1 million on a scratch card – the first she’d ever bought.

Park went from living on a council estate to owning two properties; she has also become a national ‘celebrity’ garnering media attention throughout the past four years, from the time she wrote a list of rules for her boyfriend as he embarked on a lads’ holiday to her plastic surgery.

135 15390936 706283456206488 1103281448672290996 n Youngest British Winner Suing Lottery For Ruining Her Life


Jane, now 21, is considering legal action against the lottery organisers for negligence, claiming ‘winning the lottery has ruined my life’.

She told The Sunday People:

At times it feels like winning the lottery has ruined my life. I thought it would make my life ten times better but it’s made it ten times worse.

I wish I had no money most days. I say to myself, ‘My life would be so much easier if I hadn’t won’. People look at me and think, ‘I wish I had her lifestyle, I wish I had her money’.

But they don’t realise the extent of my stress. I have material things but apart from that my life is empty. What is my purpose in life?

There’s no one in the same boat as me, no-one who really understands.

479 12923170 584179885083513 7611383056203247566 n Youngest British Winner Suing Lottery For Ruining Her Life


Jane has spent holidays in the Maldives, bought herself a purple Range Rover, spent thousands on plastic surgery and got to leave her temp job as an administrator..

Jane has criticised Camelot, who run the EuroMillions in the UK, for allowing young people to play the lottery.

She said:

I think 18 should be the minimum age for winning the ­lottery, at the least.

The current age of 16 is far too young.

1043 1557432 364487670386070 4324588329564787939 n Youngest British Winner Suing Lottery For Ruining Her Life

Her frank admission – which will no doubt anger anyone who has ever experienced money troubles – comes days after she pled not guilty to a drink-driving charge at a McDonald’s in Edinburgh.

A Camelot spokesman told The Sunday People they offered Jane support after her big win and will continue to do so.

Instagram Model Gives Hilarious Insight Into The Life Of A Viral Star

Many Instagram models spend their lives curating the perfect aspirational online presence across social media, so us mere mortals can all look upon their false reality and despair at our own.

But Australian Instagram model and sustainable fitness brand founder, Pia Muehlenbeck, has decided to shatter the illusion constructed during long days on perfectly posed photoshoots.

The SLINKII boutique owner and social influencer has shown her refreshingly self-deprecating spirit by sharing candid bikini photographs with her followers.

Just got my tix to @fyrefestival 🔥You better be coming!! They just announced @majorlazer and @disclosure. Fyrefestival.com #fyrefestival

A photo posted by Pia Muehlenbeck 🇩🇪🇦🇺 (@piamuehlenbeck) on

In an attempt to achieve the artfully shot image of zen and tranquillity you can see via her Instagram page, Pia had to overcome the elements along the way.

Posing on a beach in the Maldives to advertise Fyre Festival, things weren’t always as glamorous as they seemed for the the self-confessed ‘goofball’ – particularly when she was washed up by the ocean.

Speaking exclusively to UNILAD, Pia explained:

I think people often feel you should act a certain way, but I’m a goofball, and if something funny happens I’d rather be real and post it.

It’s very easy to get sucked in to the trap of believing that everything you see on someone’s Instagram is perfection. In reality, it’s a curated version of the best bits.

I wanted to put that tweet out because firstly, it made me laugh, and secondly I like the reminder that we’re all just imperfect humans doing the best we can each day.

50477UNILAD imageoptim pia muehlenbeck 2 Instagram Model Gives Hilarious Insight Into The Life Of A Viral Star

So, through her video diaries, Pia has determined to make sure her followers understand exactly what it takes to be a superstar Instagram model.

Note: The list does not necessarily include grace and poise, as Pia will happily admit herself, just after she’s recovered from falling off a hammock or burning her butt on a sea-bound slip and slide with no running water.

3736UNILAD imageoptim pia muehlenbeck 3 Instagram Model Gives Hilarious Insight Into The Life Of A Viral Star

The clumsy Australian law graduate is one of reams of entrepreneurial women on Instagram who have made their collective millions through sponsorship deals and lifestyle brands.

Although some may dismiss their business nous as unoriginal amid viral trends like the InstaSit, Pia has amassed a huge and dedicated following and she’s determined to do some good along the way.

She is able to share messages of fitness motivation and ecological awareness to her 1.7 million-strong army of followers – a number that is growing every day with her lifestyle vlog.

Although her Instagram existence is designed to look like a walk in the park, Pia told UNILAD that pictorial aesthetic perfection is a time-consuming pursuit.

She elaborated:

Honestly, if you saw my camera roll it’s hilarious. I use the burst feature on my iPhone, so I generally take 200 photos to get one good selfie. It sounds like a lot, but actually I’m just holding my finger down on the shutter for 15 seconds and then I choose my favourite one right after.

80UNILAD imageoptim pia muehlenbeck 1 Instagram Model Gives Hilarious Insight Into The Life Of A Viral Star

When I travel, I generally shoot, explore and have fun for around 3-4 hours a day, then I head back to the hotel room, spend around 2-3 hours managing emails related to SLINKII, then get all the photos ready for the next days posts on Instagram, and then work on blog posts for where I am staying, and we also edit a daily vlog on YouTube.

Typically when I’m overseas I generate 50Gb to 70Gb of photos and videos a day. It’s hard work, but very rewarding.

30243UNILAD imageoptim How many pictures do you have to take on average to get the perfect shot Instagram Model Gives Hilarious Insight Into The Life Of A Viral Star

Indeed, there are things about Pia that you would never know from her highly-curated Instagram feed.

She’s obsessed with Harry Potter, can recite the dialogue from all seven films and uses a remote control in the shape of a magic wand to flick through channels when she’s vegging out in front of the tele.

Explaining how her life is secretly a series of mini-catastrophes, Pia added:

I once flew all the way to LA to visit Harry Potter World at Universal Studios, and got the dates wrong. I arrived a week before it actually opened so all I got was a Gryffindor t-shirt.

6128UNILAD imageoptim What is one thing the public might not know about you just from browsing your Instagram photos Instagram Model Gives Hilarious Insight Into The Life Of A Viral Star

Through her ecological fashion and fitness brand – which the young businesswoman began from her bedroom selling organic yoga mats to her mates – Pia has also planted over 1,000 trees to aid reforestation.

The eco-warrior’s first ever Instagram post was ‘a very embarrassing duck face’ that she promises will ‘stay in [her] computer Trash Can forever!’

While she’s moved onto modelling for her own sustainable brand and for other high end products, Pia has managed to stay grounded in her own reality – and not the curated mirage offered up by her Instagram reel.

Whether you dote or hate on Instagram models, Pia certainly seems to break the mould in her willingness to shatter the perpetual perfection of online influencers, and the damaging effect their presence can have on others’ self-esteem.

The importance of personality clearly means more to Pia than a picture.

Really, we shouldn’t begrudge Instagram personalities like Pia at all; especially not when their actions speak so much louder than their active Instagram feed.

Some Lifesaving Tips For People With Depression, From Someone Who’s Been Through It

Nearly 300,000 young people in Britain have an anxiety disorder. On top of that, 55 per cent of people who have been bullied as children develop depression as adults, and 1 in 4 young people in the UK experience suicidal thoughts due to depression.

Most of this will go unnoticed, unless others know what signs to look out for.

It isn’t easy for young people to communicate that they are struggling, as sometimes they feel like they are over-exaggerating or that they are ‘making a big issue’ and would rather just stay quiet. Staying silent is one of the worst things someone who is suffering with depression can do.

55993UNILAD imageoptim flickr Fox valley Institute Some Lifesaving Tips For People With Depression, From Someone Whos Been Through It


One of the most important things about depression is being able to spot the early warning signs, so you can intervene and get someone the help they need. Talking to Ben Laskey, a Child Psychologist, he tells me that a few of the signs that someone is suffering with depression are: irritability, anger, sadness, problems with friends, and sometimes an increase in substance abuse.

He explained that depression can hit anyone at any age, although more females are diagnosed with depression than males. According to a study by the Mental Health Foundation, rates of depression in young people have increased by 70 per cent in the past 25 years.

I spoke to Adam*, a 24 year old who was diagnosed with depression at 18. He explained to me that having depression made him feel ‘like he was trapped in a box with no way out and no matter how much you shouted no sound came out’.

29519UNILAD imageoptim woman 1006102 960 720 piuxa Some Lifesaving Tips For People With Depression, From Someone Whos Been Through It


Sitting down with Adam, he opened up to me about his experience with depression. He was at university and really outgoing when over the course of a few weeks he suddenly became distant, angry and more irritable with his family and housemates.

After a few months he had no one left who wanted to speak to him because they were afraid of what his reaction would be, and this made his mood worse as he was constantly ‘trapped inside his own head’. He told me that he sank further into what he describes as a black hole, and that he was afraid to ask his family and friends for help because he thought they would think he was being dramatic.

Philo Holland, a Lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University, says that depression can be hugely disruptive to a young person’s education in the sense that they stop attending and fall too far behind, but also when they do attend you can see that the young person has no confidence. This was true for Adam, he stopped going to university and his work started to suffer. This further fuelled his own self doubt, making him feel like he was a failure.

 Some Lifesaving Tips For People With Depression, From Someone Whos Been Through It


Adam started to have suicidal thoughts and at this point he knew he had to get help, because as he told me: “Even though the majority of me didn’t want to live, there was a tiny voice in the back of my head screaming no, I do want to live”.

For Adam, this meant going to his university GP, counselling and taking anti-depressant medication. Ben says that for anyone suffering with depression your GP should be your first point of call, as they can point you down the different routes of treatment that they feel would be best suited for you.

Another way of getting support is through organisations such as Young Minds, one of the UK’s leading charities for mental health. Speaking to their Media and Campaigns Manager, Nick Harrop, he tells me that they can point young people to useful helplines such as Child-line and the Samaritans, who can provide further support.

He also mentioned that they offer advice to the young person’s family, which for Adam was a key factor when he heard about them, as he knew it was hard on them too. According to Nick, a few key things they tell parents are to listen, be patient and never judge.

34628UNILAD imageoptim pixnio Some Lifesaving Tips For People With Depression, From Someone Whos Been Through It


Adam highlighted some other key places to go and things to do to help if you’re suffering with depression. First off there are a ton of helplines and charities, including Friends In Need (MIND), Depression UK, Young Minds, Samaritans and Epic Friends – this was an important one for Adam as it’s a site that helps your friends to help you. In hindsight he wished that he had reached out to his friends in the first place, so he had their support.

Secondly, as simple as it may sound, getting some exercise can be a massive help, as well as doing things that make you happy – whether this is reading a book, riding a bike or simply having a cuppa.

Finally, getting psychological help can be really useful for some people. As Ben says: “It provides a safe, confidential and supportive environment where you can unpack some of the difficult feelings you have”.

Adam says he was sceptical about this kind of help at first, but after a few sessions he now swears by it.

16007UNILAD imageoptim girl 517555 960 720 pixabay Some Lifesaving Tips For People With Depression, From Someone Whos Been Through It


Depression isn’t something that is solved overnight, it takes time and Adam himself says that he is still going to therapy, but that it has got better. Whether it takes a week, months or years, persevere with the help that you seek out and gradually things will improve.

Adam’s advice for anyone suffering with depression is firstly, it isn’t your fault, and secondly you should get help – as hard as it may be to make that first confession to a friend, family member or GP, it’ll be worth it in the long run. He says that going somewhere that someone will listen is essential, and even though talking about it may not feel like it is going to help it will- it’s the first step.

If you’re suffering with depression you can contact:

Samaritans – 116 123 or jo@samaritans.org

Young Minds – www.youngminds.org.uk

Friends in Need/MIND – 020 8519 2122

Or alternatively you can go to your family doctor and take the first step towards making yourself feel better.

*Name has been changed.


Italian Model Reveals Details Of ‘First 400 BJs’ On Her Oral Sex Tour

The Italian model who infamously vowed to work her way through the ‘no’ voters of Italy, by giving them blowjobs has opened up about her experiences so far.

Paola Saulino promised to reward all the men who voted against the constitutional reforms put forward by Italian Prime Minister, with oral sex.

Her offer clearly gave the Italian voters the incentive they needed, as the results took a sharp, unexpected u-turn in November, with 59 per cent of the electorate voting against the changes.

True to her word, Paola was not one to disappoint her new followers and continued to promise to pleasure the staggering 19.4 million Italians who voted ‘no.’

She said:

I am a woman of my word.

To satisfy the voters, LA based Paola set about organising a tour through Italy called the ‘Pompa Tour’ (which is slang for oral sex in Italy,) so she could fellate as many men as possible

Nulla accade per caso ! Mood of the day ! #instamood #cute #instagood #instadaily #black #look #mood #hair #blonde #eyes #fuck #fuckyou

A photo posted by PAOLA SAULINO 🍯😋🐷 (@insta_paolina) on

Those who say NO to the referendum will be waiting in delight for my ‘Pompa Tour’ in January for what I promised to those who voted no.

Her tour kicked off at the beginning of January, but has been met with – predictably – such a huge response that the model has added 11 more dates, starting at the beginning of February.

Apparently, the mass blowjobbing-spree has begun to take its toll on the hopeful actress, as she admits she’s ‘tired’ of constantly performing the sex act on strangers.

The worn out model has also admitted that she’s suffering with ‘stress’ and the over-excited guys ‘hurt me sometimes,’ while she’s pleasuring them.

Aside from this, Paola appears to be in good health, although she has complained of jaw ache after hours of opening her mouth to strange men.

It sounds like pretty tiring work, especially with such a packed schedule, so Paola ‘sometimes asks for a time out,’ to ‘clean my face for example.’

For every blow job I decide if the guy has to wear condom or not. If I don’t want him to, that’s okay, I choose.

It’s also up to me if I want to drink or spit away the white stuff. Nobody has complained so far.

So far, the hardworking model has given out at least 400 blowjobs across Italy, but there are plenty more to come…

She’s had some pretty uncomfortable situations crop up while on the way though.

She explained:

One time a guy entered and pulled his underwear down, but he was not hard at all.

He then started to cry saying me I am sorry I am too shy.

I tried to do my best but after a couple of minutes he decided to go away because he didn’t feel comfortable.

In order to reserve a place in Paola’s private booth, voters had to email the model to apply.

The successful ‘winners’ from the 10,000 who put their name forward were then sent a booking code for the ‘unusual’ event.

Once at the venue, the guys have to flash their code to gain entry for a VIP meeting with the blowjob queen.

Buonanotte #girl #goodnight #followme #nice #nude

A photo posted by PAOLA SAULINO 🍯😋🐷 (@insta_paolina) on

For the second leg of the tour, Paola is set to visit Foggia, Campobasso, Latina, Positano, Catanzaro, Salerno, Cagliari, Bodduso, Cannigione, Purfugas, Catania and Bomarzo.

Not everyone supports Paola’s decision to take her blowjob skills on tour and have labelled her a ‘hussy,’ who is responsible for ‘throwing mud on those who defend the constitution.’

This is just water off a duck’s back for the wannabe actress though, who hit back simply by saying haters should ‘not take themselves too seriously.’

Piccolo languore prima di dormire #Night #goodnight #banana #like4like #followme #nice #cute #love #eat #girl #hungry #hashtag

A photo posted by PAOLA SAULINO 🍯😋🐷 (@insta_paolina) on

Still only half way through her tour, Paola has hopes to hit the one million milestone, the Daily Star reports.

She exclaimed:

My goal is one million, I would love one million.

She’s certainly true to her cause…

I hope she has a physiotherapist on tour with her to help with the jaw ache…

Model Posts Haunting Video From Inside Plane Moments Before Crash


Heartbreaking footage uploaded to social media from inside a doomed aeroplane shows the final moments of a model killed in the horrific Australia Day plane crash.
Endah Cakrawati posted video footage of herself inside the plane to Instagram before it crashed during the annual fireworks display.
The model, along with her partner Peter Lynch, were killed when the 1948 Grumman G-73 crashed into Swan River in Perth as the city prepared to celebrate Australia Day.

29824UNILAD imageoptim Instagram model 2 Model Posts Haunting Video From Inside Plane Moments Before Crash
During the short clip Ms Cakrawati smiles and chats with Lynch explaining to her fans what she’s doing in the plane.
We’re in Perth and we are ready to go for Skyworks today. Happy Australia Day.

In another clip the plane’s propeller can be seen starting up through the passenger window and she flips the camera to selfie mode as the plane takes off along with the caption ‘display soon’,

1746UNILAD imageoptim Instagram model 3 Model Posts Haunting Video From Inside Plane Moments Before Crash
Her last words on film before the accident which took place in front of 60,000 witnesses were: ‘Wish me luck’.

Witnesses described the plane as appearing to stall before it nosedived into the water.

Lloyd Douglas a witness to the horrific crash described the scene.

56993UNILAD imageoptim GettyImages 632829106 Model Posts Haunting Video From Inside Plane Moments Before Crash
My concern was that he’d landed in amongst all the small boats up at the east end of the Perth water. I don’t think — looking through binoculars — that he did hit other boats.

“It did hit the water with a fairly decent force, and goodness if it had another boat in the water or something it would be a tragedy.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau is now investigating the accident.

Kurt Cobain’s Daughter Shares Her First Ever Modelling Photos


A photo posted by Frances Bean Cobain (@space_witch666) on

As the daughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, Frances Bean Cobain comes with a style status that fashion brands have been eager to harness, and up until lately, haven’t been able to.
But on Wednesday, Marc Jacobs announced that the 24-year-old is in the designer’s Spring 2017 ad campaign.
His Instagram post came with a heartfelt note about his longterm relationship with Cobain.

@marcjacobs Spring Campaign 2017 #marcjacobs

A photo posted by Frances Bean Cobain (@space_witch666) on

I first met Frances Bean when she was 2 years old at a dinner with her mom (Courtney) and Anna Sui in 1994 at Bar Six in NYC.

I have always wanted to work with Frances. Her beauty, uniqueness, and strength is something I have long admired and respected.

Few things remain as constant as my continued inspiration from those whose honesty, integrity, courage, and curiosity lead them to explore and venture beyond preconceived boundaries.

Though Marc Jacobs is known for his boundary-pushing ambassadors, such as Marilyn Manson and Missy Elliott, Cobain’s photos mark the first time in four years a single face has represented the label.

@marcjacobs Spring Campaign 2017 #marcjacobs

A photo posted by Frances Bean Cobain (@space_witch666) on

The 24-year-old has been approached by various brands over the years but turned down each offer until Jacobs came along.

But don’t expect Frances Bean to join the legions of famous children turned models.

She told Vogue:

I don’t think I’ll be modeling for anybody else for a very long time—this is 100 percent outside my comfort zone. I wouldn’t have done it with anyone other than Marc.

I don’t model unless I think the project is cool, and I don’t put my name behind something that I don’t genuinely believe in.

@marcjacobs a view behind the curtain

A photo posted by Frances Bean Cobain (@space_witch666) on

Calling Jacobs an ‘underdog for the masses’, Cobain said she’s seizing the opportunity to bring the real-girl image to the now-often-seen idealised ads.
She said: “I’m not representing the beautiful top models of the world. I’m representing what a general, standard, average human girl would look like wearing these clothes. I think that’s why Marc picked me for this.”

That’s exactly what the world needs. Thank you, Frances Bean and Marc Jacobs.


Guy Puts On French Accent To Pick Up Girls With Interesting Results

It’s as if this guy casts a spell upon every woman around him…no one can resist his French accent, even though it’s fake!
Filmed by Youtube channel Whatever, the guys decided to see how easy it was to get girls’ numbers with by charming them with the language of love.
It seems to work. Some women barely said anything to him and they were typing their numbers into his phone, agreeing to go out and party.

He even went up to some girls and asked ‘do you want to sleep with me tonight?’ and they just handed over their number.
French speaker Marc can come out with silly lines such as ‘Would you like to play with my croissant?’ and the girls just swoon at the accent.

59832UNILAD imageoptim french1 Guy Puts On French Accent To Pick Up Girls With Interesting Results
He comes out at the end with nine numbers and had to make very little effort.
Get those GCSE books and baguettes out everyone!

Usain Bolt Has Been Stripped Of One Of His Olympic Gold Medals

Olympic runner, Usain Bolt has been stripped of one of his gold medals.

Usain Bolt will have to hand back one of his nine Olympic golds after his Jamaican teammate Nesta Carter tested positive for a banned substance.

55940UNILAD imageoptim GettyImages 176023816 Usain Bolt Has Been Stripped Of One Of His Olympic Gold Medals

Both athletes ran to victory in the 4x100m at the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

According to the BBC, Carter’s was one of 454 selected doping samples retested by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) last year.


28203UNILAD imageoptim Usain Bolt Usain Bolt Has Been Stripped Of One Of His Olympic Gold Medals

It has been found to contain the banned stimulant methylhexaneamine, which is only slightly more powerful than a cup of coffee, according to University of Toronto kinesiology professor Greg Wells.

The IOC released a public statement saying:

The athlete, Nesta Carter is found to have committed an anti-doping rule violation pursuant to the IOC Anti-Doping Rules applicable to the Games of the XXIX Olympiad in Beijing in 2008… [Nester] is disqualified from the men’s 4x100m relay event in which he participated upon the occasion of the Olympic Games Beijing 2008, has the medal, the medallist pin and the diploma obtained in the men’s 4x100m relay event withdrawn and is ordered to return same.

The Jamaican team is disqualified from the men’s 4x100m relay event. The corresponding medals, medallist pins and diplomas are withdrawn and shall be returned.

This news will come as a devastating blow to Bolt, whose illustrious and unprecedented record of the ‘triple triple’ – winning three golds at each of the three Olympics in which he’s competed – will officially be taken away from him.

Trinidad & Tobago have now been awarded the 2008 relay gold, with Japan upgraded to silver and Brazil given bronze.