Italian Model Reveals Details Of ‘First 400 BJs’ On Her Oral Sex Tour

The Italian model who infamously vowed to work her way through the ‘no’ voters of Italy, by giving them blowjobs has opened up about her experiences so far.

Paola Saulino promised to reward all the men who voted against the constitutional reforms put forward by Italian Prime Minister, with oral sex.

Her offer clearly gave the Italian voters the incentive they needed, as the results took a sharp, unexpected u-turn in November, with 59 per cent of the electorate voting against the changes.

True to her word, Paola was not one to disappoint her new followers and continued to promise to pleasure the staggering 19.4 million Italians who voted ‘no.’

She said:

I am a woman of my word.

To satisfy the voters, LA based Paola set about organising a tour through Italy called the ‘Pompa Tour’ (which is slang for oral sex in Italy,) so she could fellate as many men as possible

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Those who say NO to the referendum will be waiting in delight for my ‘Pompa Tour’ in January for what I promised to those who voted no.

Her tour kicked off at the beginning of January, but has been met with – predictably – such a huge response that the model has added 11 more dates, starting at the beginning of February.

Apparently, the mass blowjobbing-spree has begun to take its toll on the hopeful actress, as she admits she’s ‘tired’ of constantly performing the sex act on strangers.

The worn out model has also admitted that she’s suffering with ‘stress’ and the over-excited guys ‘hurt me sometimes,’ while she’s pleasuring them.

Aside from this, Paola appears to be in good health, although she has complained of jaw ache after hours of opening her mouth to strange men.

It sounds like pretty tiring work, especially with such a packed schedule, so Paola ‘sometimes asks for a time out,’ to ‘clean my face for example.’

For every blow job I decide if the guy has to wear condom or not. If I don’t want him to, that’s okay, I choose.

It’s also up to me if I want to drink or spit away the white stuff. Nobody has complained so far.

So far, the hardworking model has given out at least 400 blowjobs across Italy, but there are plenty more to come…

She’s had some pretty uncomfortable situations crop up while on the way though.

She explained:

One time a guy entered and pulled his underwear down, but he was not hard at all.

He then started to cry saying me I am sorry I am too shy.

I tried to do my best but after a couple of minutes he decided to go away because he didn’t feel comfortable.

In order to reserve a place in Paola’s private booth, voters had to email the model to apply.

The successful ‘winners’ from the 10,000 who put their name forward were then sent a booking code for the ‘unusual’ event.

Once at the venue, the guys have to flash their code to gain entry for a VIP meeting with the blowjob queen.

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For the second leg of the tour, Paola is set to visit Foggia, Campobasso, Latina, Positano, Catanzaro, Salerno, Cagliari, Bodduso, Cannigione, Purfugas, Catania and Bomarzo.

Not everyone supports Paola’s decision to take her blowjob skills on tour and have labelled her a ‘hussy,’ who is responsible for ‘throwing mud on those who defend the constitution.’

This is just water off a duck’s back for the wannabe actress though, who hit back simply by saying haters should ‘not take themselves too seriously.’

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Still only half way through her tour, Paola has hopes to hit the one million milestone, the Daily Star reports.

She exclaimed:

My goal is one million, I would love one million.

She’s certainly true to her cause…

I hope she has a physiotherapist on tour with her to help with the jaw ache…

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